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Barcelona, Spain

October 2011

[See the complete album here.]

Nothing in between me and the rain
And you can’t save me now
I’m in the grip of a hurricane

No hope, don’t want shelter, no calm
Nothing to keep me from the storm
And you can’t hold me down
Cause I belong to the hurricane
It’s going to blow this all away
— Florence + The Machine, “Hurricane Drunk”

[See the complete album here.]

[All pictures taken and edited by me; pictures of me taken by Scott.]

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For their September 2011 catalog, J Crew traveled to Saint Petersburg to juxtapose their luxurious cashmere and other pieces of their fall collection with the exotic elegance of the old Russian city.

{Ballerinas from The Marinsky School model the cashmere sweaters}

Interspersed between double-cloth coats and Italian suede shoes are a handful of “Travel Notes” about the various, inspirational landmarks featured in the catalog.

{Don’t forget to pack against the sun—a good pair of sunglasses and a hat with a generous brim—as well as against the cold—cozy camp socks and chic leather gloves—for your fall travels}

{Also a must: comfy, cute loafers for your sight-seeing strolls}

{And finally: a trusty yet stylish timepiece}

Check out Refinery 29‘s interview with Marissa Webb, J Crew’s VP for Women’s Design, for tips on how to get the classic, clean and natural J Crew look featuring bright skin, understated eye-makeup, and vivid lips—the ideal, travel-friendly beauty regimen.

Happy autumn travels!

[Images from the J Crew September 2011 catalog–request one here!]

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Huseby, Sweden

June 2011

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“As the Age of Reptiles was drawing to a close, the first flowers and mammals appeared. Marcel LeFever believes that the flowers actually eliminated the great reptiles. Mammals also may have contributed to their egress (not “exit”), because for many early mammals there was nothing quite like a couple of dinosaur eggs for breakfast.” (Dr. Wiggs Dannyboy)

–Tom Robbins’ Jitterbug Perfume

[See the complete album here!]

[Images by Kelly Overvold; pictures of Kelly taken by Scott Zaban.]

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Tybee Island, Georgia

June 2011

[See the complete album here!]

Tybee Island Native

Shallow shadows disappear behind ATV ridges as the empty can beneath your chair duels the offended fiddler crab. Lazy arms droop and startle: the fishermen, the sunners, the guard. Memories collide with your neighbors’ children, racing each other down the shoreline, letting the nylon beach ball get away. The air wafts long and gusty like an inner tube pump. Overhead soar satellite umbrellas’ bobbing skirts. In the distance the tanker sentries back and forth, changing his uniform so no one knows your mother sent him. Ten times just ten more minutes—how much time is left on the meter? Pass me by southern wind and let me linger. Soon everything is fluttering like ladies’ fingers. Daffodil eyes crash into the waters of distant islands. Your elbow finds the sand

and everything sinks

down as the sun remembers

to chase pink Shanghai.

–original poem

{Our friends’ beautiful beach-house where we stayed}

{Our beach-side deck: perfect for late-afternoon sun-naps}

{There are worse places to grow up… ❤ }

{So many adorable, brightly-painted island bungalows}

{More gorgeous Caribbean-inspired colors}

{Lots of interesting found-object yard sculptures–I like this use of colored glass bottles}

{The back river–an ideal place for kayak launches}

{One of my favorite little beach cottages}

{Favorite thing: bicycling on the beach with Dad xxx}

[See the complete album here!]

[Images by Kelly Overvold.]

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Evedal and Helgasjön, Sweden

June 2011

[See the complete album here!]

“I am seized with desire to be something more. Something whose echo can drown out the rattle of death.” (Alobar)

“I cannot tolerate the passive obliteration of all that I am to myself.” (Alobar)

I may be mad, [Alobar] thought, but I prefer the shit of this world to whatever sweet ambrosias the next might offer

“Come with me, Alobar, for while we must go forever in despair, let us also go forever in the enjoyment of the world.” (Pan)

“If being alive is not a virtue, then there is little virtue in virtue, that is what I say.” (Alobar)

“The immortals are gone. Now we are the immortals.” (Kudra)

–Tom Robbins’s Jitterbug Perfume

[See the complete album here!]

[Images by Kelly Overvold; pictures of Kelly taken by Scott Zaban.]

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Växjö, Sweden

June 2011

[See the complete album here!]

{Teleborgs Slott across Växjösjön}

“A salamander can be only a salamander, an elk an elk, and a bush a bush. True, a bush is complete in its bushness, yet its limits, while not nearly so severe as some foolish men would believe, are fairly obvious. The peasants of Aelfric are like bushes, like salamanders. They were born one thing and will die one thing. But you… you have already been a warrior, a king, and a serf, and from the looks of it, you aren’t through yet. Thus, you have learned the secret of the new direction. That is: a man can be many things. Maybe anything.” (the shaman)

–Tom Robbins’s Jitterbug Perfume

{Enjoying a Swedish breakfast–kanelbulle and kaffe}

{Teleborgs Slott}

{Eurasian red squirrel–ekorre, in Swedish}


[See the complete album here!]

[Images by Kelly Overvold; pictures of Kelly taken by Scott Zaban.]

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While I was in Prague this summer, I read Milan Kundera’s magnificent and heartbreaking novel, The Unbearable Lightness of Being. The story takes place in Prague in 1968, during the Prague Spring and the subsequent Soviet occupation. Tomáš, Tereza, Sabina, and Franz are the four characters through whose lives, loves, and losses the insignificance of life and the fate of the individual are examined.

What better place to lose oneself in one of Kundera’s passionate novels than in Prague, where the author attended university and the setting for most of his books. From the top of Petřín hill to the old castle grounds at Vyšehrad perched above the Vltava River, the city of Prague encapsulates a beauty, mystery, and romance reflected in the poignant and sometimes surreal writing of Milan Kundera.

{View of Prague Castle from Petřín hill}

{Petřín hill}

{View from Petřín hill with Prague castle in the distance}

{View of the Vltava, Prague castle, and Petřín hill from Vyšehrad castle}

{View from Vyšehrad castle}

Recently, while browsing through Free People’s blog, BLDG 25, I stumbled upon some posts from their Book Club series featuring Unbearable Lightness of Being pairing favorite quotes with images that evoke the sentiment of the novel. Here are some of my favorites…

“chance and chance alone has a message for us. everything that occurs out of necessity, everything expected, repeated day in and day out, is mute. only chance can speak to us. we read its message much as gypsies read the images made by coffee grounds at the bottom of a cup.”

“while people are fairly young and the musical composition of their lives is still in its opening bars, they can go about writing it together and exchange motifs…but if they meet when they are older, their musical compositions are more or less complete, and every motif, every object, every word means something different to each of them.”

“When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.”

“…and finally there is the fourth category, the rarest, the category of people who live in the imaginary eyes of those who are not present.  they are the dreamers.”

See more of Free People’s favorite quotes from the book here, here, and here.

[Images by Kelly Overvold, from amazon.com, and from blog.freepeople.com.]

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