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For their March 2012 catalog, Free People was exploring one of my favorite countries: Vietnam! They explored the capital city, Hanoi, as well as Ha Long Bay, one of the new seven wonders of the world, and Sa Pa, a beautifully scenic mountain-town. And I’m pretty sure I see glimpses of Hoi An–my favorite–in there too!

I especially liked how the photo-shoot was conducted as though the models, Michele and Martha, were tourists and they were captured in that context as part of their surroundings instead of as just subjects against a background.

Click here to see their team’s travelogue containing travel tips and video features for Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, and Sa Pa.

Scott gets to go back to Viet Nam next month and is planning on exploring some new areas, possibly Nha Trang. I’m excited to see what he finds in anticipation of my own expedition back to my favorite country early next year!

[All images from freepeople.com and blog.freepeople.com.]

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Pil’crow n. 1. (Print.) a paragraph mark; the symbol (¶).

Anthropologie’s new line of jeans and corduroys, their Pilcro line, is inspired by the style and efficiency of typography. Their three styles—the STET slimfit or bootcut jean, the SERIF corduroy, or the SUPERSCRIPT jean or corduroy—are all about finding the perfect fit and combining flawless, no-fuss fashion with everyday comfort and wearability. Tuck a pair or two away with you in your suitcase for a pair of comfortable, all-purpose, travel pants! Check them out here!

[Image from anthropologie.com.]

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Alix, Out of Africa

Blogger Alix, of the cherry blossom girl from Paris, was recently invited to Kenya by the Kenya Tourism board and shares her unbelievably beautiful and inspiring pictures from her trip! Check them out here, here, and here! And these amazing safari pictures!

Nzuri! (Beautiful!)

[Images from thecherryblossomgirl.com.]

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