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Tybee Island, Georgia

June 2011

[See the complete album here!]

Tybee Island Native

Shallow shadows disappear behind ATV ridges as the empty can beneath your chair duels the offended fiddler crab. Lazy arms droop and startle: the fishermen, the sunners, the guard. Memories collide with your neighbors’ children, racing each other down the shoreline, letting the nylon beach ball get away. The air wafts long and gusty like an inner tube pump. Overhead soar satellite umbrellas’ bobbing skirts. In the distance the tanker sentries back and forth, changing his uniform so no one knows your mother sent him. Ten times just ten more minutes—how much time is left on the meter? Pass me by southern wind and let me linger. Soon everything is fluttering like ladies’ fingers. Daffodil eyes crash into the waters of distant islands. Your elbow finds the sand

and everything sinks

down as the sun remembers

to chase pink Shanghai.

–original poem

{Our friends’ beautiful beach-house where we stayed}

{Our beach-side deck: perfect for late-afternoon sun-naps}

{There are worse places to grow up… ❤ }

{So many adorable, brightly-painted island bungalows}

{More gorgeous Caribbean-inspired colors}

{Lots of interesting found-object yard sculptures–I like this use of colored glass bottles}

{The back river–an ideal place for kayak launches}

{One of my favorite little beach cottages}

{Favorite thing: bicycling on the beach with Dad xxx}

[See the complete album here!]

[Images by Kelly Overvold.]

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