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For their September 2011 catalog, J Crew traveled to Saint Petersburg to juxtapose their luxurious cashmere and other pieces of their fall collection with the exotic elegance of the old Russian city.

{Ballerinas from The Marinsky School model the cashmere sweaters}

Interspersed between double-cloth coats and Italian suede shoes are a handful of “Travel Notes” about the various, inspirational landmarks featured in the catalog.

{Don’t forget to pack against the sun—a good pair of sunglasses and a hat with a generous brim—as well as against the cold—cozy camp socks and chic leather gloves—for your fall travels}

{Also a must: comfy, cute loafers for your sight-seeing strolls}

{And finally: a trusty yet stylish timepiece}

Check out Refinery 29‘s interview with Marissa Webb, J Crew’s VP for Women’s Design, for tips on how to get the classic, clean and natural J Crew look featuring bright skin, understated eye-makeup, and vivid lips—the ideal, travel-friendly beauty regimen.

Happy autumn travels!

[Images from the J Crew September 2011 catalog–request one here!]

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