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For their September 2011 catalog, J Crew traveled to Saint Petersburg to juxtapose their luxurious cashmere and other pieces of their fall collection with the exotic elegance of the old Russian city.

{Ballerinas from The Marinsky School model the cashmere sweaters}

Interspersed between double-cloth coats and Italian suede shoes are a handful of “Travel Notes” about the various, inspirational landmarks featured in the catalog.

{Don’t forget to pack against the sun—a good pair of sunglasses and a hat with a generous brim—as well as against the cold—cozy camp socks and chic leather gloves—for your fall travels}

{Also a must: comfy, cute loafers for your sight-seeing strolls}

{And finally: a trusty yet stylish timepiece}

Check out Refinery 29‘s interview with Marissa Webb, J Crew’s VP for Women’s Design, for tips on how to get the classic, clean and natural J Crew look featuring bright skin, understated eye-makeup, and vivid lips—the ideal, travel-friendly beauty regimen.

Happy autumn travels!

[Images from the J Crew September 2011 catalog–request one here!]

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As August trucks on, I’m getting more and more excited for my next trips. September is going to be my month in sun with two trips to gorgeous, tropical destinations: Hawai’i and Fiji! I’ve just finished getting together my reading list of books inspired by these places…



+ Hawaii: a novel, by James A. Michener

+ I Myself Have Seen It: The Myth of Hawai’i, by Susanna Moore—memoir of an American writer who grew up in Hawai’I; an entry in the National Geographic series that publishes author’s reminiscences about a specific area of the world.

+ The George Eliot Murders, by Edith Skom—literate and entertaining murder mystery set at the Royal Aloha Hotel in Honolulu.



+ On Fiji Islands, by Ronald Wright—personal memoir & travelogue

+ Return to Paradise, by James A. Michener—sequel to the Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Tales of the South Pacific

+ Maya, Jostein Gaarder—by the author of Sophie’s World

+ The Sailmaker’s Daughter, by Stephanie Johnson—set in early 20th century colonial Fiji


Et cetera:

+ Blue Latitudes, by Tony Horwitz—A New York Times Bestseller

+ Tales of the South Pacific, by James A. Michener—Pulitzer Prize winning book & basis for Rogers & Hammerstein musical & movie, The South Pacific


Does anyone have any additional suggestions for Hawai’i- and Fiji-inspired literature?

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Found this amazing picture on one of my favorite tumblrs, the little banana. Must get international passport control to help me with this one in my new passport…

[Image from the little banana.]

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This afternoon my sister, her boyfriend, and I ate at Zunzi’s, a South African-inspired, carry-out restaurant. The inside of the restaurant is narrow, wood-paneled, covered in photographs, posters, and signs. It’s hot, crowded, busy, and smells like the grill pit of an African campsite. And the food? Your choice of a variety of sandwiches, wraps, and burgers stuffed full of seasoned, rich, and tender meats including beef, sausage, chicken, and fish (menu available online). The restaurant is owned by couple Johnny and Gabby DeBeer, and inspired by their own mixed cultural heritage: South African, Swiss, Italian, and Dutch.

I ordered a Godfather Wrap, which comes with chicken and sausage: your choice of homemade—very spicy and flavorful—or smoked. I ordered the homemade sausage. The woman working asked if I’d had it before, and when I said no she had me try some first to see if it was what I “really wanted” because it’s very spicy and flavorful. It was absolutely delicious! The wrap comes with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and one or both of two kinds of sauces. One is white and one is orange—a thousand island kind of orange—and they are both creamy, zesty goodness. (I had both on mine.) The wrap itself is enormous. I had to eat it with a knife and a fork. I finished about half of it and took the rest home. The seating is outside to the left of the building when you stand looking at the front entrance. It’s definitely hot, inside and outside, and usually crowded (wait-time averages 5-10 minutes), but if you’re a fan of good South African spicy meats and sauces, you CANNOT miss this place! And to drink, order the African Sweet Tea. It’s light, refreshing, not too sweet, and the refills are free. Smaaklik!

108 E York Street, Savannah, GA 31401

[On the corner of Drayton and York Streets, near the Church of the Ascension]

Monday-Saturday, 11am – 6pm (closes an hour earlier on SCAD’s off-season)


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